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Understanding Outpatient Therapy

At Lawnwood Regional Medical Center, we offer a comprehensive range of outpatient services for a variety of needs, from pre-testing for things like heart care and surgical services to medical services such as chemotherapy. Our outpatient services are divided into three general areas: pretests, medical services and surgical services. If your physician refers you to our outpatient therapy department, here is a look at what you can expect in each treatment area.


The pretest team performs an essential role in preparing patients for upcoming procedures. During pretest, patients may undergo nursing assessments, diagnostic labs and EKGs. This team also handles pretesting for heart and vascular patients and others who need special procedures. It’s important for patients to attend pretesting appointments in the timeframe requested by their referring physicians. Any delay in pretesting results could cause treatments to be delayed.

Medical Services

If you need a medical treatment that must be performed in a physician’s office but that does not require hospitalization, then the outpatient therapy medical services team may provide your care. A large number of medical treatments are performed by the medical services unit, including blood transfusions, chemotherapy, IM/SQ injections, IV therapy and multiple diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. This team can also offer information about dealing with the side effects of medical treatments and work with your physician to manage severe side effects, such as those caused by chemotherapy.

Surgical Services

The outpatient surgical services unit performs pre-operative assessments before procedures and patient education before discharge. This team offers care for patients undergoing a number of different kinds of surgical procedures and scopes.

The outpatient service unit at Lawnwood Regional Medical Center is staffed by registered nurses, licensed practice nurses, and certified nursing assistants and provides care for patients all ages, including infants and geriatric patients. You can find out more about outpatient services near Treasure Coast at our hospital by calling 1.800.382.3522

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